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Odyssea Publishing offers a full range of services dedicated to publishing high quality works of non-fiction. This includes professional ghostwriting, editing and book design services. 

We are there every step of the publishing process, from helping authors improve the structure and focus of their book, to proofreading the final version and readying the professionally designed and formatted book for printing, distribution, and publishing.



We publish a limited number of high quality non-fiction books each year. As such, we are very committed to our authors.

We provide our authors with a dedicated editor who helps them further perfect their work. We also pay our authors higher royalties than other traditional publishers, because we believe in a true partnership between author and publisher.

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Our ghostwriting service is for aspiring authors who want to share their expertise but lack the time and/or specific skills to write a book we offer ghostwriting services. Our professional ghostwriters will help you get your thoughts, ideas and knowledge on the page in your own voice.

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We subject each book we publish to several rounds of thorough editing, from developmental editing focused on the structure and clarity of the message, to copyediting and line editing to improve the narrative flow and remove grammatical and stylistic errors in the text. 

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Book design

A well-designed cover and professionally formatted interior are almost as important as the book itself. Nobody wants to read a book that has gaps in the text or poorly placed images, and nobody will buy a book with a boring or amateurish cover. Our cover and interior formatting designers make sure your cover stands out the book looks as professional as its contents, whether it is an ebook, audio book, hardcover or paperback.

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Lastly, we also offer foreign language translation for authors who want to publish their books in multiple languages. So far, we have translated books from and into English, Spanish, French, German and Dutch.

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