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We are first and foremost a publisher. We publish a limited number of quality non-fiction books each year, both works that are independently authored and books written by our ghostwriters working with influencers and experts. 

We offer authors we work with our full range of services, including editing, designing, finishing and distribution. Each author we take on is provided with a dedicated editor who closely works with the author to ready the manuscript for publication, from developmental editing to overseeing the design and distribution. For aspiring authors who don't have the time and/or specific skills to write their book themselves, we offer ghostwriting services.


Higher royalties

One of the biggest differences with other traditional publishers is that we offer our authors a bigger piece of the pie. Where the industry standard lies around 10%-15% for hardcover books and 5%-7.5% for trade paperback sales, we offer our authors 50% royalties. Because we strongly believe the relationship between author and publisher is one of equal partnership. You write it, we publish it. 

What we are looking for

At this time we are mostly looking for non-fiction, especially on the topics of business, finance and history. We are also interested in political and self-development works. If you want us to publish your book, please contact us below. We'll let you know if we are interested within a few weeks.

You don't have to have a finished book for us to consider taking you on as an author, on the contrary; we prefer it if your work is still in the developing stage and we can be involved from the beginning. So if all you have is a book proposal, by all means contact us as well and let us know what project you plan to sink your teeth in. More on how to write a book proposal.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us as well.

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